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Rev. Megan MoreThis worship service is primarily an outreach to Transgendered folks around the world. It is led by our transgendered Volunteer Clergy on Staff, Rev. Megan More and broadcast on our Ustream page. This broadcast is a shorter version of our Sunday Morning Service aimed at encouraging and spreading God’s all-inclusive love to the Transgendered community. Megan’s broadcast is released on Sunday afternoons, shortly after our morning services.

Also, be sure to visit our Transgender Resources page.

Below are a couple of statements from the community about our Transgender Outreach:

I came on New Year’s Day with my wife on an invitation by Megan. This was not only my first visit to MCCV but this was the first time that my wife had even allowed me to be with her dressed as a woman away from the house with her. I had seen some of the services online from previous Sundays and I also watched Megan’s Transgender Services online before I visited MCCV. When my wife and I arrived the first time at MCCV, we were warmly greeted even before we walked in the door. My wife filled out the visitor’s questionnaire and we were handed the bulletin. We sat down and participated in the Sunday Service. We both enjoyed the service and stayed and talked with some of the members. We were treated with all respect as first time guests and invited back again. Every time we have visited MCCV since we have felt always that we were welcome here. We have been greeted in the same respect on every visit. That makes MCCV feel, for me and my wife, like a second spiritual home. The fact that I am transgender person has never been a reason not to return and I always have felt that I am a welcome participant at MCCV. At every event I have attended I am greeted with warmth and God’s Love. I try to watch each Sunday service live that I can online, when I am not attending that Sunday service, so I keep up with my friends. I always look forward to every visit I attend when I worship with my friends at MCCV.

Rita Loy

As a transgender woman and trans-activist for many years, it has been my privilege to encounter some extraordinary individuals within the community of trans folk, trans supporters and allies.

Last year I recently had the honor of meeting some gifted individuals from the Metropolitan Community Church in the Valley (MCCV). They are amazing and hard-working good Samaritans, committed to transgender issues and trans-outreach of every kind.

Led by the very accomplished team of Rev. Dr. Bob Shore-Goss, a Harvard Ph.D. and author of 8 LGBT books, along with Associate Pastor, Megan More, a dedicated transgender pastor, the MCC organization in the Valley is a safe haven for transgender individuals who need nourishment for the soul.

With specialized programs, lectures, sermons and fun events tailored to the transgender population in Los Angeles, this is the best-kept secret in LA for trans folk. I do hope the word gets out to all trans people, in addition to the larger LGBT and straight community in Southern California.

Located in a beautiful, aesthetic setting in the San Fernando Valley, the theme of this church is INCLUSIVITY ! A welcoming and friendly, safe space to worship, network, socialize and just feel good about yourself.

In particular, it’s a GREAT space for transgender folk to congregate!

As I have learned as a trans-activist and transgender speaker for over 30 years, we in the national transgender movement have an incohesive and fractured community. Unfortunately, our community of trans folk includes many “wounded warriors” who have been badly damaged by living a life with incongruent gender expression. Also emotional damaged from a lifetime of feeling disenfranchised by exiting “mainstream “ churches or houses of worship that exclude them. That, plus an endemic sense of “internalized transphobia” and personal shame of attempting to live an “authentic” life as one’s true self in a mostly “trans-phobic” society, is badly damaging to the heart and soul.

This is where The MCC in the Valley comes into play. A living church that is welcoming and all-inclusive of ALL communities from gay to straight, from trans to leather.

Trying to find consensus and support amongst the trans-community is rather like herding feral cats.
However, I haven’t given up hope for this historic opportunity of trans-positive advocacy in this “final frontier” of gender civil rights. This is why I continue to volunteer all my free time nowadays to be in the “front-line” of trans political advocacy and public speaking (and performing !) on behalf of trans awareness.

This is also why I whole-heartedly support the outstanding work and ministry of Rev. Dr. Bob Shore-Goss, Rev. Megan More and the entire staff of MCC in the Valley.

I urge all my friends to attend and check out this Los Angeles treasure of trans-positivity.

Missy Parker
Trans activist and performer

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