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Jose Antonio GranilloLas Memorias AIDS Hospice is a civilian agency that offers residents a place to live, the cocktail of drugs and care necessary for their health, food and psychological support. At present there are about 90 residents, including about 40 returnees. The hostel is located in an area of 3,000 square meters in Colonia La Morita. It is an austere and colorless place. Predominant religious images and proverbs are hung or painted on the walls. There are separate dormitories for men, and women, a section for families, and an intensive care area. In the backyard there is a carpentry shop where they make dog houses, and a fire pit. A key part to operations of the shelter, including the different dormitory areas, is that the residents themselves (those who are in better health), assist in daily maintenance tasks. The shelter usually assists 200 to 240 people a year. But since 2010 this number has increased to 300 persons per year due to an increase in migrants deported, said Antonio Granillo, Director of Las Memorias, since its founding in 1999. So far, Las Memorias has provided care to over 2,250 HIV-infected people; 600 of them have died in the hostel, Granillo said. The greatest enemy of HIV is the social stigma and discrimination against HIV positive people. “Disinformation is a big hurdle,” he said. “It encourages us to continue working and raising community awareness and thus inform new generations.”

According to the National Center for the Prevention and Control of HIV / AIDS (Censida), the cost of care is very high, not only for retroviral drugs but also for hospital care. In 2013, on average, cost for each patient was 120,000 pesos (about $9000) per year per patient. It was in 2005 when Las Memorias was first included in municipal, state and federal catalogs; since then they receive government contributions at the rate of 55,000 pesos (about $4200) a month. However, the number of patients has doubled since then, creating the need to make both the state government and society aware of the great need in assistance.

MCC/UCC in the Valley has come up with a way we can assist in the daily financial needs of Las Memorias. By installing solar panels at Las Memorias, we can help decrease their utility costs, allowing those funds to be used for medication and other needs. if you would like to donate to the solar panel fund, you can do so, at the church, here on our site, Donations can be made by phone using your credit card by calling: 317.713.2555 or checks made out to Global Ministries may be sent to:

Las Memorias Solar Panels

The first batch of solar panels is up and providing energy!

Solar Panel Preparations

Preparations were made for the installation of the first panels in January, and they are already starting to reap the benefits!

Global Ministries
Resource Development
P.O. Box 1986
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Please add a note or write “Las Memorias Solar Project” in the memo section of your check.

For a printable flyer to assist in the fund raising efforts, click here.

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