Alive & Green


We are a tree-hugging and pet-loving church. We believe that ecology is at the heart of Christian faith and practice. God finds intrinsic value in the Earth and all creatures. Human actions are threatening the Earth and diverse species by releasing greenhouses gases into the atmosphere, the destruction of waterways and rivers, the reckless practices of dumping urban waste, and other practices that fail to be respectful and mindful of God’s creation.Rev. Dr. Robert Shore-Goss, Senior Pastor observes, “Several years ago, we made the Earth a member of our church, and we now are extending pastoral care to the Earth from human indifference and reckless exploitation.  MCCV Going Green sends a message to our neighbors and to the LGBT community that we care about the Earth and global warming and that we can include eco-justice as one of our main justice concerns.  We believe in human rights for LGBT folks but also environmental justice for the Earth.”  Come and join our efforts to save the diversity of life and the Earth.

View Photos of our Meditation Garden

View Photos of our Meditation Garden

Water as a Spiritual Practice for Lent

Gardening as Practicing Resurrection

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