The MCCUCCV Board of Directors consists of six members including the Pastor.

The MCCUCCV Board of Directors is currently composed of

  • Rev. Dr. Pat Langlois
  • Paul Allison, Moderator
  • Jeff Gladu, Treasurer
  • Keith Metz, Secretary
  • Layne Sanden

The Board generally meets in the Annex after services on the second Sunday of each month. Special Board meetings are called by the moderator as needed.  A quorum, required to conduct business, is any three of the above that includes either (a) the moderator or (b) the vice-moderator with the moderator’s consent.

Members of the congregation and the public are encouraged to attend Board meetings; however, visitors are expected to maintain silence during the meetings so as not to intrude on Board business.

At times the Board will enter executive session, during which visitors are excused. Executive sessions are usually timed to occur at the end of the meeting period, after all publicly-viewable business is complete.

Minutes of Board meetings are published after Board members have approved them, generally within two weeks after each meeting.

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